Launched in December 2022, Techevery is an online tech device troubleshooting guide founded by Landon Rothgarn, a Philadelphia-based electronics repair expert, and his team of tech enthusiasts and expert researchers.

Techevery is on a mission to become one of the web’s most authoritative sources of information on how to troubleshoot and fix various faults in every tech device under the sun. Our aim is to help you get the most from your tech products and fix them on your own whenever they have issues.

Featuring DIY tips for fixing faults in electronics, gadgets, appliances, machines, and other tech devices, Techevery targets those who want to keep all their tech devices working optimally and fix their minor faults on their own — without having to spend extra bucks on hiring other professionals. So, if you’re a DIY addict, this blog would make you happy.

The information published on Techevery is the result of thorough research and experience. While many of the stuff we share are things we’ve experienced first-hand, there are times when we have to conduct in-depth research or even consult experts just to ensure that the information we publish is correct. Even at that, considering the dynamic nature of the tech world, we cannot guarantee 100% correctness of the information on the blog.

As we publish new content on Techevery, we also constantly check our older content for accuracy to ensure that they are still relevant and up to date. Nonetheless, we are open to corrections and suggestions on how to make the content on the site better and more accurate.

Techevery aims to generate revenue through a number of monetization options. These include the placement of contextual ads and possibly affiliate links within the blog’s content. While these are aimed at generating income to maintain the blog, they don’t in any way influence the quality or accuracy of the content published on the blog.

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