Kubota 60 Mower Deck Parts Diagram & Details

Kubota zero turn mowers are quality build machines. They produce a commercial-grade transmission with a solid frame welded to deliver several years of reliable performance. 

They are perfect for cleaning larger spots, offering strong durability and longevity. They come in varieties of sizes and specifications. The 60-inch desk gives fast performance but at the expense of maneuverability. 

In this guide, we’ll uncover the diagram showing the different components of the Kubota 60 Mower Deck and discuss every necessary detail. 

Kubota 60 Mower Deck Parts Diagram 

The Kubota 60 Mower Deck is a great choice for big lawns. It provides precise control of cut height, enabling you to switch height and quarter intervals with the easy twist of the knob. 

It works excellently on larger acres and mows more quickly. It features 24″ tires and an extra 2.5″ width, providing more traction in slippery situations. However, some users think the size needs to be bigger, making maneuvering easy. 

Here’s a diagram showing the different components of the Kubota 60 Mower Deck: 

kubota 60 mower deck parts diagram

  1. Assy Deck 
  2. Label Caution 
  3. Label Danger1 
  4. Label Danger2 

050.Cover Deck 

  1. Nut 

065.Plain Washer 


  1. Nut 
  2. Washer Plain 
  3. Front Plate 
  4. Bolt
  5. Nut 
  6. Lock Washer 
  7. Assy Balancer 
  8. Nipple 
  9. Bushing 
  10. Pin 
  11. Hex Bolt 
  12. Hex Nut
  13. Spring Lock 
  14. Bolt 
  15. Spring 

220.Plain Washer 

  1. Roll Pin 
  2. Locking Nut
  3. Bolt Adjuster 
  4. Nut 
  5. Anti-Scalp Label 
  6. Caution Label 
  7. Danger Label 
  8. Danger Label 
  9. Anti-Scalp Label 

Kubota 60 Mower Parts Explained 

The Mower Deck is the major part or body of a mower. It protects the user and the engine from the blades and the debris that fly away from the blades. It’s typically built with durable metal that offers great resistance to corrosion or rust. This part is durable enough to withstand the impact of stray debris kicked up by the mower blade. 

The size of the mower deck varies depending on the size of the mower and its purpose. In some cases, the mower deck versions are independent parts that you can use behind the quad or tractor. 

However, the Mower Deck is one of many significant components of the mower. Many other parts are crucial to the maximum functionality of the mower. They include: 

  • Blades 
  • Oil Filters
  • Air Filters 
  • Shock Absorbers 
  • Starters 
  • Alternators 

Let’s discuss the importance of these parts. 


The cutting parts of mowers are known as mower blades. The blades are the most crucial component of a lawn mower because they are in charge of effectively and precisely cutting the grass.

The blades are mainly made of sturdy metals to withstand speed contact with various mower components. They should typically be capable of three main tasks: bagging, discharging, and mulching.

Oil Filters 

A good oil filter is crucial to an engine because it prevents damage from dirt, soot, or incomplete combustion fuel in the oil. The oil filter is a feature to avoid residues from the engine oil without halting the lubricating process by providing perfect oil circulation in engines.

A mechanical device called an oil filter prevents contaminants, dirt, and highly combustible fuel from circulating. The element only permits the infusion of new oil into the engine and retains the dirt. This is why the oil filter should be cleaned or replaced after a certain time.

Air filters 

The air filter on a lawnmower prevents dust and other debris from entering the engine. This component could be made of foam or paper. It prevents contaminants from infiltrating the engine through the carburetor when it is in excellent condition and operating effectively.

However, a damaged air filter can allow dust and other particles into the engine, potentially causing start-up issues and shortening engine life. To keep your lawn mower’s engine and components in good working order, the mower filter needs to be changed every three months.

Shock Absorbers 

Mower decks are home to powerful, sharp spinning blades. They must therefore be constructed of high-quality gauge steel, which makes them heavy, cumbersome, and possibly susceptible to bouncing over more rugged terrain. This bouncing can result in irregular cuts and early component failure in the mower. 

A great way to regulate the motion of the deck is with shock absorbers and dampers. The main purpose of the shock absorber is to quickly dampen the shocks and absorb them, resulting in a smooth ride. By reducing the shock to the deck, they can produce a better cut and prolong the unit’s lifespan.


A lawn mower starter is a simple electric motor that aids in starting the main motor. The engine starts spinning as soon as the ignition key is turned on. The engine will draw in air as a result. The lawn mower starter starts the engine and recharges the battery. As the engine runs, the electrical current generated by wire brushes inside the starter is geared to be sent to the battery.