Kuhn Mower Parts Diagram & Details

Kuhn is a company known for continuously producing innovative mowing solutions. The mower designs incorporate forage quality requirements, productivity, operating ease, safety, and reliability,  making them very easy to maintain. 

When you own a Kuhn mower, one of your goals should be maintaining it properly so you can enjoy it for a long time. Learning about the different components and how they operate is the first step to enjoying your mower. 

This article will reveal the diagram of the Kuhn disc mower and expound on the functions of the different components. 

Kuhn Mower Parts Diagram

Kuhn mowers are available in many models, each offering unique features and excellent values. They offer exceptional performance and incorporate durable components that stand the test of time. These components don’t differ across all models and offer similar attributes. 

Below is a diagram of a Kuhn disc mower showing the different components present in it

kuhn mower parts diagram

  • Hook 
  • Chain 
  • Spring Cotter Pin 
  • Split Pin 
  • Locking Screw 
  • Frame 
  • Roll Pin
  • Lower Link Pin 
  • Pin 
  • Spring Clip 
  • Locking Nut 
  • Box Spanner 
  • Support Chain 
  • Roll Pin Dacron
  • Chain Hook 
  • Break-Away Slide 
  • Break-Away Tongue 
  • Roll Pin 
  • Pin 
  • Roll Pin 
  • Roll Pin 
  • Roll Pin 
  • Yoke 
  • Stand 
  • Roll Pin Dacron 
  • Pressure Spring 
  • Lock Pin 
  • Pin 
  • Self-Locking Nut 
  • Hinge Plate 
  • Nylon Bush 
  • Main Frame 
  • Fit Bolt 
  • Special Screw 
  • Break-Away Pawl 
  • Pressure Swing 
  • Stud 
  • Plain Washer 
  • Self-Locking Nut 
  • Roll Pin 
  • Pin 
  • Roll Pin Dacron
  • Washer 
  • Top Link Pin

Kuhn Mower Parts Explained 

Like many other lawnmowers, Kuhn mowers have numerous parts working together to ensure optimum functionality. The parts are similar irrespective of the model. While some are large pieces, others are small parts. Let’s discuss how some significant part of the mower operates and how they align with the whole operation. 


The Carburetor is an essential component of a petrol lawn mower. It’s known as the mixer. It’s present in the internal combustion engine to help mix fuel and fuel. It also controls the fuel and air amount delivered to the combustion chamber for ignition by another component known as the spark plug.

Air Filter 

Air Filter, as the name implies, is a filtering component and part of the car’s filtration system. It helps protect the engine’s internal components by filtering out debris and dirt.

Even though the engine will function without this air filter, it’s not recommended because it won’t last long. Dust, debris, and other contaminants will ruin the engine and cause it to break down. Also,  the air filter helps control trash and keep it out of the Carburetor, enabling air and gas to flow without a barrier. 

Lawn Mower Blade 

The blade is basically the lawn mower itself. It’s the cutting elements of the mower. There are different lawn mower blades, including lawn mower discs and lawn mower plates. Both types equally serve well when used for mowing the lawn. 

They also exist in various forms depending on the lawn mower type. Reel mowers are vintage lawnmowers with multiple curved (slightly twisted) and spinning blades that revolve around the same horizontal plane as the axle to which they’re attached.

Modern rotary blades have sharp edges and typically have two blades. They spin quickly on a vertical axis, cutting through lawns much quicker and handling bigger, wetter, and heavier grass than conventional reel mowers will.

Multiple-blade or gang mowers, which have more complicated blade arrangements and are designed to be pulled by full-sized tractors instead of lawnmowers, are also available; however, these are better suited for cutting large commercial jobs than lawns.


The clutch is another important component present in the lawn mower. When the engine spins more quickly, the clutch work system enlarges so the propeller on a lawn mower can continue to spin as the campus develops.

Ignition System

CDI and spark plugs make up the lawn mower’s ignition system. A CDI component dissipates electrical energy, which is then transferred to the spark plugs. On lawnmowers, CDI and flywheel rotation work together to produce the present electric energy.

Cylinder Block

The cylinder block is one of your engine’s most important components, and it’s regarded as the engine’s brain. The Entablature is another name for the Cylinder Block.

It typically sits on top of the A-frame and contains various engine parts, such as the cylindrical cavity, stuffing boxes, jacket cooling water, and scavenge space.

It is constructed with high-quality components to serve the functions for which each of its components was intended. It is crucial for the engine’s stability, temperature control, and lubrication, so there is no room for compromise.


A flywheel is a wheel that serves as a balancing device and the location where magnets are fastened. In car engines, the flywheel’s job is to smooth out the energy pulses produced by combustion in the cylinders and supply energy for the compression stroke of the pistons. The flywheel on lawnmowers has a fan that acts as a coolant. Flywheels, therefore, play a crucial part in lawnmowers.