Eero Router Settings for Best Speed

There are tons of reasons why people love the Eero Router. Asides from being affordable and easy to use, the device boasts consistent speed.

As with most routers in the market, the Eero model might not always offer fast internet. However, there are different ways by which you can solve this issue.

Do you own an Eero Router? Are you looking for easy ways to boost its speed? If your answers to these questions are “YES”, then you should go through our article and find the right answers. 

eero router settings

Eero Router Settings for Best Speed

Here are several ways by which you can increase the speed of the Eero router.

1. Use a Power Cycle

Yes, you read right! Sometimes an easy power cycle can be the solution to your slow internet problems. But before you can get the desired results, it would help if you used the following steps.

  1. Unplug the Eero router from the power outlet 
  2. Wait for 30 seconds 
  3. Replug the router back into the power outlet 
  4. Test the speed of your connection 

2. Reboot the Router 

If a power cycle did not work, then you can try a restart. When it comes down to it, this option can remove any bugs that might slow down your Internet. To restart the Eero:

With a hard reset:

  • Find the Reset button on the Eero
  • Press and hold the button for 15 seconds
  • Wait for the LED status light to flash red and release the button
  • Allow the Restart process to be complete 
  • Wait for the Eeros to flash a blue light

With a soft reset:

  • Go to the Reset button on the Eero
  • Press and hold the Eero button for 5 – 10 second
  • Release the button when the LED turns yellow
  • Wait for the LED light to change to white

With the Eero app:

  • Open the Eero app
  • Click the Home tab 
  • Go to the center of the screen and choose the Online Status 
  • Select the Eero that you would like to reboot
  • Click on the Options Menu
  • Scroll down to Reset – Restart Euro

You can also restart your Eero router with a power cycle:

  • Unplug the Eero router from the power outlet 
  • Wait for 30 seconds 
  • Replug the router back into the power outlet 
  • Test the speed of your connection

3. Reduce Your Connected Devices

Having too many devices connected to your Eero router leads to less bandwidth. As a result, you might have to deal with slower Internet speeds. To have a faster connection, it would help if you reduced the number of devices using the network.

You can get started by changing your WiFi password.  To perform this task:

  • Launch the Eero app
  • Tap the Setting icon on the dashboard 
  • Hit the Wifi Password tab
  • You can edit your password to a stronger password

How Do You Optimize Eero Placement?

Here are some ways by which you optimize the placement of your Eero router.

Use a Hard Surface: The Eero router works best on hard, flat surfaces. Ideal examples of such spots include table tops, cabinet tops, or even nightstands

Avoid the Ground: Instead of placing the Eero on the floor, aim for a higher placement. Normally, anything around table height serves as an ideal spot for such a device. 

Avoid Other Electronics: As you set up the Eero router, avoid items such as wireless cameras, baby monitors, and microwaves. When it comes down to it, such devices tend to interfere with the Wifi signals from the router. For the best results, keep such appliances from the Eero router. 

Aim for Fewer Walls: Walls tend to mess with the connection between the Eero router and connected devices. With this in mind, you place the router behind wooden doors or within a direct line of sight. After all, Wifi signals travel through wood better than stone. 

Contact the ISP: If you are still having issues with your Eero connection, reach out to its support center. As expected, this service promises solutions to different problems with should increase the speed of the router. 

Eero Upload Speed Slow

Under normal conditions, a poor location can be the cause of your slow Eero speed. However, placing the Eero on a table ( without any walls or interfering appliances) 

Eero Speed Test Eero

Here are the steps for checking the speed offered by your Eero router. 

  • Launch the Eero app
  • Hit the Activity Icon
  • Choose Speed – Speed Test

Eero Support

On the Eero Support page, you can find solutions to various problems including slow Internet speed. If you want to access this page, go through .

Eero Speeds Fluctuates

Does your internet speed change at certain points? If yes, then you can use a reset to get decent speed. You might also change the position of the router to a higher platform.