Cox Router Settings for Best Speed

For many years, Cox has offered high-speed Internet to many homes and businesses. Asides from offering data services, the brand also has a router for connecting different devices. With this in mind, the company has become popular with many users.

Although Cox offers great services, the data connection might be slower than expected. Luckily, several settings can help solve the problem and improve the performance of the router.

Do you use a Cox Router or any other router with the service? Does the Internet connection feel slow? If yes, then you can go through our article and learn how to solve this issue. 

cox router settings
Cox Router Settings for Best Speed

Here are the ideal settings for using routers with the Cox internet service.

1. Place Your Router in the Right Position

As you set up your router for the Cox Internet Gateway, it would help if you placed the device in an ideal position. Start by placing the item on a nightstand, bookshelf, and table. For improved speed, avoid placing the router close to WiFi “blocking” items such as baby monitors, microwaves, and security cameras. 

2. Reboot Your Router

Sometimes, a quick reboot is an ideal way to speed up your router. To perform this task, you should use the Reset button on the router or Cox app;-

If you are using the Reset Button on the router:

  • Look for the Reset button on the router 
  • Press and hold the button for 5-10 seconds
  • Allow the router to reboot fully. 

If you are using the Cox app to reset a modem:

  • Open the Cox app
  • Enter your Primary User ID and Password 
  • Wait for the Home Screen to appear
  • Click on My Services – My Internet- Reset Modem

3. Choose the Right Wireless Frequency

On the airwaves, you have two networks- 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If you want to get the best speed with Cox internet, choose the network that suits your distance. For instance, closeness to the router means that you should use 5 GHz while longer distances work better with 2.4 GHz

4. Use WPA2

Are you still thinking of how you can improve your speed with the Cox internet network? Well, you can make things better by switching to WPA 2 or WiFi Protected Access 2 setting. But before using this setting, ensure that the connected device supports it. 

To enable WPA2 for Cox:

  • Open your browser and visit or 
  • Log on to the interface by typing “admin” in the user name field and “password” or “admin” in the password field
  • Look for the Wifi section of the Settings page.
  • Scroll to Router Security
  • Choose WPA2

5. Try BandSteering

With band steering, the router chooses the best available WiFi network. After making this decision, the device promises faster internet via the Cox gateway. If you want to enable band steering, the Wifi band should have the same username and password. 

6. Change Your Camera Settings

Tune down the quality of your connected cameras. After all, high-quality images consume excess bandwidth and slow internet. To get the best results, you might even shut down the camera. 

7. Upgrade Your Technology

If your router is older than 4 years, then there is a high chance that you might have to end up with slow internet. To pick up your speed, look for modern models that feature Dual Band, AC/AX, and WiFi 5/WiFi 6. 

8. Limit the Number of Devices Connected to Your Network

A slow data connection can come from hooking excess devices to your network. But you can avoid this issue by reducing the number. You can achieve this goal by blocking out hackers with a password or allowing selected devices.

Cox Upload Speed Slow

There are many reasons why the Cox Upload speed might be slow. They include the following:

Excess Space between Router and Mobile Device: Keeping too much space between both items can result in a poor connection. With this in mind, stay close to the router as you use your mobile device.

Network  Congestion: With too many devices on the Cox network, it might take forever for your device to upload files. With this in mind, it would help if you switched to another WiFi channel. 

Outdated  Router Driver and Firmware: As soon as its firmware becomes old, the router offers slower internet. With this in mind, it would help if you use manual or automatic settings to install the latest router software.

Outdated Router Technology: Asides from the firmware, old router technology make your Cox internet network slower. So if your router becomes older than 4 years, then it might be time to get a replacement.