GCI Router Settings for Best Speed

For many years, GCI internet has connected many users to cyberspace. Aside from being reliable, the brand boasts of high internet speeds for various tasks. Also, it works with a wide range of Wifi routers.

But sometimes, the speed of the GCI connection might drop. As a result, anyone might feel like dumping the ISP. Luckily, there are several ways by which the speed can be enhanced. 

Are you using GCI Internet with your devices? Would you like to boost the speed of the router? If yes, go through our article and learn how to adjust the router for speedy internet. 

gci router settings
GCI Router Settings for Best Speed: DIY Hacks

1. Reboot the Unit

If your router feels slow with GCI internet, then it would help if you tried a quick reboot. When it comes down to it, this hack can clear out any bugs that might slow down your internet speed.

To reboot the GCI router:

  • Connect your laptop or mobile phone to the WiFi
  • Log on to
  • Type ” cusadmin” into your user name field
  • Type your ” Wifi Network Password ” into the Password field
  • Choose Admin – Device Reset
  • Select Reboot to reboot the router 

You can also reboot your device by turning the router “ON” and “OFF”.

2. Fix Any Interference

Are there wireless cameras, baby monitors, security cameras or fluorescent lamps close to your router? If yes, then they can send signals that mess up the speed of your Internet. However, you can set things right by keeping these devices away from your router or even turning them off. 

3. Update Your Router

Old router firmware can slow down your GCI internet. Luckily, you can deal with the slow speed by getting the latest verison of your GCI software. 

If you use an ASUS router with the GCI internet, try the following steps to update the device:

Method 1:

  • Visit http://router.asus.com from your connected device 
  • Enter your ASUS account
  • Click on Administration- System – Firmware Upgrade 
  • Wait for the process to be completed 
  • Navigate to Administration
  • Click on Restore

Method 2:

  • Visit http://router.asus.com 
  • Enter  your ASUS account
  • Check for the pop-menu that displays the new firmware message
  • Select the Update Now option on the dashboard 

Method 3:

  • Head to the ASUS website 
  • Scroll to the ASUS Download center
  • Look for the file that is compatible with your router model 
  • Select Settings 
  • Click on Firmware Upgrade- Manual Upgrade 
  • Upload the downloaded file 
  • Try to reboot the system

If you are using other routers, you can check the official website and find the ideal steps for updating their software.

4. Change the Location of the Router

As you set up your router for the GCI internet, keep the device on a table at the center of the room. Then ensure that there are no walls, filled water containers, fish tanks, or even large appliances close to the device. Also stay away from wire fences, ceramic tiles, and tinted glass. 

5. Reduce the Distance

If you want to enjoy more speed from the GCI router, it would help if you reduce its distance from the connected device. After all, staying far from the routers can result in slower internet. But as you use this hack, work with a clearance of 6 inches.

6. Tweak the  QoS Settings

Playing online games, streaming movies, and making video calls can consume loads of bandwidth and slow down your internet. But you can use the QOS setting of your router to prioritize your preferred tasks over others for enhanced speed. 

What is the Speed for GCI Internet?

According to its website, GCI offers plans with speeds of between 200 Mbps – 1 Gbps. However, the speed you might depends on your preferred online activity.

GCI Modem Troubleshooting 

Here are some quick tips for dealing with various problems with your GCI modem:

Power cycle the Device: If your GCI modem has issues, a power cycle can help its performance. To use this hack, unplug the modem for a few seconds before placing it back. Then test your connection to see if it works. 

Avoid Interference: Keep the modem from microwave ovens, 2.4 GHz devices, and even large appliances. When it comes down to it, such devices tend to mess up your GCI connection. 

Place the Router in an Elevated Position: Instead of keeping the router in a bookcase or shelf, keep it on top of these items. You can also use any table. For the best results, make sure the table is in a central position. 

Go for a New Router: If it falls within your budget, go for the newer routers with better features. However, stay away from anything that is older by four years. 

GCI Speed Test

Are you curious about the speed of your GCI internet speed ? If yes, you can use speed test to find such information. To get started, log on to https://www.gci.com/speedtest and click on the GO icon. 

GCI Support 

Are you still having issues with your GCI router? Then you might have to reach out to the GCI Support page. To get to this page, vist https://www.gci.com/support/internet from your browser.