Instant Pot Yoghurt Settings Guide

Making yogurt can seem like a tedious task. But with the Instant Pot, you can prepare this dessert without fuss. When it comes down to it, the device is fast and easy to use.


Before you can make a bowl of delicious yogurt, you will have to apply some settings on the Instant. If you don’t know the right buttons to press, your yogurt-making dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. 


In this post, we will list the best settings for making yogurt with Instant Pot. As expected, you can use this article as a guide and prepare some great yogurt at home. 

instant pot yogurtsettings
Instant Pot Yoghurt Settings

Here are the settings for making yogurt with the Instant Pot. But before you use our recommended settings, we suggest that you check the manual for extra advice.

  • Add some pasteurized milk to the inner pot of the instant pot
  • Closed the pot with the lid 
  • Head to the Control Panel and press the Yogurt button 
  • Press the Adjust button to see Boil or High
  • Press the Start button ( on some models)
  • Leave the pot until you see a “Yog” message on the display and hear a beep
  • Switch off the Instant Pot and remove the inner pot
  • Place a thermometer into the yogurt
  • Wait for an hour for the yogurt to cool or  reach 180°F
  • Take out the thermometer from the yogurt
  • Head to the surface of the yogurt and remove the spoon 
  • Add two tablespoons of some store-bought yogurt and ½ cup of warm milk to a bowl
  • Whisk the contents of the bowl until you get a smooth mixture
  • Pour the mixed yogurt into the inner pot and continue whisking
  • Re-place the inner pot into the Instant Pot
  • Lock on the lid 
  • Press the Yogurt button on the control panel
  • Adjust the Instant Pot from High to Medium
  • Set the Timer to 8.00
  • Leave the Instant Pot for 8 hours
  • Allow the yogurt to switch itself off and display Yoga on the display
  • Check on your yogurt as soon as the timer reaches
  • Wait for the yogurt to set for 4 – 12 hours
  • Lift the inner pot from the cooker
  • Place the inner pot on the rack for 2 hours
  • Place in the inner pot in the fridge for 6 hours
  • Whisk the yogurt ( if lumpy) and transfer it into sterile glass jars
  • Store the yogurt in the fridge ( use before two weeks )

What If My Instant Pot Does Not Have a Yogurt Button?

Even if your Instant pot does not have the Yogurt setting, you can still make yogurt with it. For the best results, try the following steps:

  • Add some milk to the Instant Pot
  • Cover the pot and seal
  • Hit the Keep Warm button
  • Leave the milk for 40 – 45 minutes
  • Press the Saute button and allow the milk to reach 185 ° F
  • Heat the milk to 185°F by pressing the Saute button
  • Use a pair of hot pads to take out the inner pot from the Instant Pot
  • Set the pot aside and allow it to cool to 110°F
  • Add and whisk between 3 – 4 tbsp of plain yogurt to the cooled milk 
  • Ensure the Instant Pot is off
  • Place the inner pot back into the Instant Pot
  • Wrap the Instant Pot in a towel and allow it to sit for 8 hours
  • Pour the yogurt into sterile glass jars
  • Store the jars of yogurt in the fridge.

Yogurt in Instant Pot (Indian)

Do you want the settings for preparing Indian-styled yogurt? If yes, then you can try the following steps:

  • Heat the milk until it almost reaches boiling point
  • Remove the milk from heat and allow it to cool to 125°F
  • Rinse out the Instant Pot with hot water
  • Add the milk to the Instant Pot
  • Add some yogurt culture to the milk and stir
  • Close the Instant Pot
  • Choose the Yogurt setting from the display 
  • Leave the mixture in the Instant Pot for 8 hours
  • Remove and store the yogurt in the fridge 

How to Make Greek Yoghurt in Instant Pot

Here are the steps that can help you make yogurt in an Instant Pot.

  • Pour some milk into the inner pot of the Instant Pot
  • Cover the pot with the lid
  • Heat the milk to just 180°F by pressing the Yogurt More key on the control panel
  • Wait for the Boil message on the screen to change to Yogurt ( takes 35 – 40 mins)
  • Use a thermometer to check if the temperature of the milk is over 180°F
  • Allow the milk to cool down to 111°F
  • Pour some culture into a measuring cup
  • Add half a cup of milk to the yogurt culture
  • Whisk the mixture and pour it into the milk in the Instant pot
  • Whisk the milk in the Instant Pot
  • Return the inner pot to the Instant Pot
  • Place the Lid on the Pot 
  • Hit the Yogurt button to switch to the Yogurt Normal Function Mode 
  • Set the timer to 8:00 – 12:00 hours
  • Put the yogurt into the Greek yogurt maker 
  • Place the Greek Yoghurt Maker into the fridge for 3 hours
  • Serve as desired

Why Did My Yogurt Not Thicken?

If you used an Instant Pot to prepare the yogurt, then there are tons of reasons why it did not thicken. For instance, you might have used poorly old milk to prepare the dessert or even used an untidy Instant Pot. You might even blame the problem on a bad starter culture.