Dyson DC40 Parts Diagram & Details

Dyson is a famous company that manufactures bagless vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaners. The company is based in Singapore, but the products are spread nationwide.

The products are known for their exceptional functionality and durability. A case example is the Dyson DC40 vacuum cleaner. It’s a simple-to-use and stylish upright vacuum cleaner.

In this guide, we’ll provide the diagram showing the components of the vacuum cleaner and discuss every other necessary detail about the product.

Dyson DC40 Parts Diagram

The Dyson DC40 comprises several components that are integral to its functionality. Even though the Dyson DC40 is the least pricier of the Dyson upright vacuum line, it provides immense performance thanks to the extensive list of integral components.

Below is the diagram showing the different components of the Dyson DC40 vacuum:

dyson dc 40 parts diagram 1

dyson dc 40 parts diagram 2

dyson dc40 parts diagram 3

dyson dc40 parts diagram 4

dyson dc40 parts diagram 5

Dyson DC40 Vacuum: What You Need To Know About It.

The Dyson DC40 vacuum is a go-to product for anybody seeking a relatively cheap yet quality and stylish vacuum product. It’s a sleek-looking vacuum that boasts the latest innovative technology and every other crucial feature expected of a Dyson product despite its price. It performs excellently well, and it offers enticing durability and reliability.

The vacuum weighs 14.6 pounds and consists of a removable 0.42-gallon dustbin. Other essential features include an extension hose for surfaces that are hard to reach, a 24.6-foot-long power cord, and an adjustable brush roll. 

This product is designed and developed by professionals in the industry. It underwent numerous production and manufacturing stages to ensure the best performance expected. 

Dyson DC40 Vacuum: Features And Specifications

Dyson DC40 vacuum boasts exciting features that make it a good value for money. The fascinating attribute is Dyson’s patented ball technology which acts as the drive mechanism and gives the vacuum a vast range of pivoting motion. 

As such, the Dyson DC40 is exceptionally maneuverable. The ball gives the vacuum improved control and accuracy when turning it around a spot. It also comprises the motor and crucial vital components, which minimizes the noise generated by the vacuum cleaner.

Generally, the product has similar features as many other brands of vacuum cleaners. These features include:

Radial Root Cyclone Technology

The brand develops this cyclone technology to be the best and most improved cyclone technology of any vacuum cleaner brand. It features a radial formation air flow that can be channeled directly through the assembly center of the cyclone. It improves flow efficiency, thus preserving air pressure and increasing suction.

Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head

This particular vacuum cleaner controls the changes in the vacuum cleaning environment. It detects the surface you’re operating automatically, whether it’s a hardwood floor or carpet. As such, it can modify itself per the surface without you having to adjust the brushes or attachment. 

Prompt Release High-Reach-Wand

The Dyson DC40 features a hose and wand which can quickly be released to enable you to clean the high and challenging places to reach with only minimal effort. 

Lightweight and Durable

Dyson uses a modified combination of materials that gives substantial flexibility, tolerance, and strength. Most parts of the Dyson DC40 are built with polypropylene reinforced with about 20% glass fibers plus high-impact PC-ABS. These materials give quality strength with less plastic, making the product lightweight.

Dyson DC40 Vacuum: Pros And Cons


  • It’s good for reaching awkward regions. Because of the ball technology, the vacuum provides turn-on-a-dime maneuvering and enables you to use it at tight spots easily.
  • Exceptional features. The product is best for people who want every bell and whistle. It features a wand, a stair tool, and a combination tool.


  • The vacuum is not cordless. You’ll need to plug in the DC40 before it can function. This attribute is a significant downgrade since most modern vacuums are cordless, making them convenient. 
  • Relatively expensive to buy and maintain. If you’re on a budget, this product might not be for you.

Dyson DC40 Vacuum: Maintenance Tips

If you want to keep your Dyson DC40 vacuum looking good and working fine for an extended period, you must inculcate the right maintenance culture. Here are a few habits to learn so you can enjoy your DC40 products:

  • Wash the filter regularly. Rinse it under a cold tap till the water runs clear
  • Don’t overfill the vacuum
  • Continually monitor the bin and empty it immediately after the debris reaches the MAX marker.
  • Store the appliance indoors and ensure you don’t use it below 32°F(0°C).
  • Always ensure its at room temperature before using it
  • Ensure you only clean the appliance with a dry cloth. Do not use any lubricants, detergent, or cleaning agents
  • Never operate the machine in case of any complications or defects. Don’t carry out any repair or maintenance work yourself.
  • Always clean the base plate, stabilizer wheels, and ball with a dry cloth if you use it in a garage
  • Don’t put the clear bin in the dishwasher.