Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking: Causes & Fixes

Ninja Blender power light blinking usually indicates that one or more of its parts are not assembled or secured correctly. However, this is not always the cause of the problem. In most cases, the power light blinking is not a serious issue and would only need a few tweaks to fix. 

In this guide, we have outlined all the causes of Ninja Blender power light blinking and the fixes to apply.

ninja blender power light blinking

Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking: Likely Causes 

1. Pitcher Not Secure

The pitcher is a component in the blender where you collect all of the ingredients you wish to blend. The pitcher features the spinning blades at the bottom and the lid on top.

To properly assemble the pitcher, you must insert it into the base on Ninja blenders and turn it clockwise. When done properly, this will lock the pitcher securely and allow you to start blending.

When you notice that the power light of your blender is blinking, it could be due to the fact that the pitcher has not been properly secured. 

When fixing the pitcher into the blender’s base, you should not only insert the pitcher directly but also turn it so that it can lock into place securely.

2. Lid Not Secured And Aligned Correctly

The function of the lid is to prevent you from creating a mess when blending items. As you run the blender, the ingredient will fly around when the blades cut them into smaller food particles.

With the lid secured in place, this will prevent those food particles and liquids from getting out of the blender.

Ninja blenders feature sensors designed to check whether or not you’ve secured the lid and aligned it correctly. If you notice the Power light blinking, it could be due to the fact that you have not secured the lid or aligned it incorrectly. When this happens, you will not be able to start the blender until you get the lid secured. 

3. Lid Handle Is Up

The Lid on the Ninja blender comes with several features. It is designed like a spout on one side with a handle on the other side. The handle of the lid should help in removing the lid without handling the messy parts on the bottom.

Within the lid handle, there is a safety mechanism. This safety mechanism is designed to alter the blender when all its parts are secure, so the blender can be started. 

If you have a raised lid handle, the Power light will be triggered and you will notice it blinking.

This time the power light is indicating that the lid handle is still up.

4. Faulty Safety Mechanism

The Ninja blender features a wide range of safety mechanisms to ensure that you get the best experience while using the blender. If any part of the blender is not assembled properly, the safety mechanism will not allow you to operate. 

Only when you’ve assembled the blender securely will these mechanisms signal to the base that it’s safe to run the blender.

However, it is still possible for you to see the Power light blinking even if all blender parts are securely in place. When this happens, it could indicate that one or more of the safety mechanisms is faulty. 

If this is the problem, the Power light will still continue to blink even when you assemble and secure all the blender parts correctly since the blender will incorrectly sense that one or more of its parts aren’t put together the right way.

Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking: DIYFixes

1. Check if the Pitcher is Secure

To fix the power light blinking issue, you need to remove and reinsert the pitcher. This time you need to ensure that it is secured. 

When you insert the pitcher into the base of the blender, ensure that you turn it clockwise until you hear the click. The click indicates that the pitcher is now locked securely into the base. You can try to power on the blender to see if it resolves the blinking issues. 

Your Ninja blender model might have different rules. You need to check the user model for more guidance on how to insert and lock the pitcher in place securely to get the blender working again. 

2. Check if the Lid is Secured And Aligned Correctly

When it comes to securing the lid, the process is just as easy and simple as the first troubleshooting method.. To do this, you need to check and confirm that you have pushed the pitcher lid securely into place.

Once you’ve confirmed that, then you would have to check that the lid is aligned correctly. You will notice an arrow on the lid to help you with proper alignment. For the lid to be aligned properly, the arrow needs to be aligned with the arrow on the pitcher handle.

When you’re done, this should resolve the power light blinking issue and get the blender working again. 

When you’ve done both steps correctly, the Power light will stop blinking, and you can start the blender.

3. Check if the Lid Handle Is Up

You should always check that every part of the blender is well-secured before you start blending. This time, you need to push the lid handle all the way down until you hear the click. This click will tell you that the lid is secured. 

The clicking sound comes from the lid switch which will signal the blender and stop the power light from blinking. After that, you can turn on the blender and use it as you normally would. 

4. Replace the Faulty Safety Mechanism

To fix this, you will have to replace the faulty safety mechanism. This could mean purchasing a new pitcher, a new lid, or both.

This is the best option to follow. You must avoid bypassing or removing the safety mechanism and stopping the Power light from blinking manually. This might help you get the blender working again without having to spend any extra, however, it could be dangerous as the blender will not be able to guarantee your safety and this will void your warranty.