Ninja Air Fryer Bacon Settings Guide

Imagine having a perfectly cooked piece of bacon on your breakfast table. Thanks to the features of the Ninja fryer, you can prepare this dish without any stress. For the best results, it would help if you knew the right settings to use. 

With this article, you can learn about the ideal settings for frying bacon with the Ninja Air Fryer. Instead of waiting for a technician, you can use this post as a guide to performing this task.

ninja air fryer bacon settings

Ninja Air Fryer Bacon Settings Guide

Here are the settings for frying bacon with the Ninja Air Fryer. But before using our settings, we suggest that you go through the owner’s manual of the device. If you have lost your copy, you can download a digital copy online. 

1. For Airfrying Bacon

  • Insert the pot into the cooking unit
  • Insert the crisper basket into the pot
  • Close the lid of the unit
  • Hit the Air Fry button
  • Use the Up and Down Arrow button to adjust the temperature to 390
  • Press the Time button to set the timer of the cooking unit to 16 minutes
  • Hit the START/STOP button to preheat the unit 
  • Wait for a beep and Add Food message on the display
  • Open the lid and place the bacon into the pot
  • Cover the lid and allow the bacon to cook
  • Check the food from time to time until done
  • If you want to add more cooking time, press the Time Up button. Then hit the START/STOP button.

2. For Grilling Bacon

If you prefer grilling your bacon with the Ninja Fondi Air fryer, you can try the following settings:

  • Insert the cooking pot into the unit
  • Add the grill plate to the pot
  • Install the splatter guard 
  • Close the lid
  • Hit the Grill button
  • Press the Temp Down or Up button to change the temperature 
  • Use the Up and Down Time button to set the time according to the recipe
  • Hit the Start/Stop button to preheat the unit
  • Wait for the Add Food message to appear on the display
  • Place the bacon on the grill plate
  • Allow the bacon to cook until the end of the set cooking time 
  • Open the lid and wait for some minutes for the unit to cool
  • If the bacon needs more time to cook, press the Up Time button and hit Start/Stop button

How Do You Cook Bacon in a Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer?

Anyone can cook bacon with the Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer. For the best results:

  • Insert the cooking pot into the unit
  • Close the Air Crisp Lid 
  • Press the Air Crisp button on the display 
  • Use the Temp button to set the time to set the temperature to 360
  • Use the Timer button to set the time to 12 minutes
  • Leave the cooker to cook for 12 minutes
  • Cook the bacon for extra 1 – 3 minutes

Can  I Cook Bacon In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you can cook bacon in an air fryer. But before getting well-cooked bacon, you should set the temperature on the unit to 300° – 400° C. Besides, the time should stay around 8 – 12 minutes. 

Is the Air Crisp same as Air Fry on  Ninja?

Yes, both functions are the same. After all these features use hot air to make the food crispy. 

Turkey Bacon Ninja Air Fryer

If you want to use the Ninja Fryer for turkey bacon, try the following settings:

  • Set the temperature on the Air Fryer to 375 degrees
  • Preheat for 3 minutes – 5 minutes
  • Add the turkey bacon into the basket inside the pot
  • Set the timer to 8 – 10 minutes
  • Flip the turkey bacon as soon as the timer hits 8 minutes
  • Check if the meat is cooked from time until the timer stops counting

How Long to Cook a Bacon in an Air Fryer?

The cooking time on an air dryer ( for bacon) depends on the size of the cut and the temperature used. For instance, cooking thick bacon at 375 °F makes it done in 10 to 12 minutes. However, the same temperature cooks regular cuts at 8 to 10 minutes. 

How Do You Make Bacon and Sausages in a Ninja Fondi?

It is easy to prepare a meal of bacon and sausages in the Ninja Air Fryer. Besides you can cook up to a pound of streaky bacon with the sausages. To perform this task:

  • Place the sausages and bacon into the air fryer
  • Press the Temp button to set the temperature to 400°F
  • Set the timer to 8 minutes
  • Flip the bacon at 4 minutes
  • Allow cooking for the remaining 4 minutes

What Temperature Do You Put Bacon in Air Dryer?

As you cook bacon with the Ninja Air Fryer, you can leave the temperature between 300°F – 400 °F. But check from time to time, to avoid burning.