Panasonic Microwave H97 Code: Causes & How to Fix

While the Panasonic microwave is considered to be one of the most reliable appliances available in every household, it is not without hiccups. Most Panasonic microwave faults are not problematic, however, the Panasonic Microwave code H97 could pose a challenge. 

When you find the error code H97 on your Panasonic microwave, it could mean a lot of things. In most cases, it usually indicates an electrical problem.

panasonic microwave h97 code

Panasonic Microwave H97 Code: How Does It Happen?

The H97 error code happens when there is an electrical problem with the Panasonic microwaves. This could be due to some loose or faulty wiring in the microwave. When this happens, you will notice that the Panasonic washer stops operating or won’t function properly. 

Before you jump right into how to fix this problem, it is important to know all the possible causes.

What Causes the Panasonic Microwave H97 Code?

Here are several reasons why your Panasonic microwave would display an H97 error code. Below we’ve detailed the most common reasons why this happens.

Loose Wiring

If the H97 error code keeps coming up, it could be due to loose wiring, poor connection, and excessive heat might come from a slack wire at the receptacle’s terminals’ connecting point.

This could be a result of occasional sparks at the junction box. If this is the problem, you should have already detected burn marks around the terminals.

If this is the cause of the H97 error code, it should be handled immediately

Magnetron Tube Fault

This is one of the most common causes of Panasonic microwave error code H97. Every time you cook your meal, the magnetron tends to get faulty in high-voltage microwaves. This usually happens when you turn on the microwave to heat without putting anything inside. When this happens the magnetron usually burns out because there is nothing inside.

If this occurs frequently, it will result in the code H97.

High Voltage Inverter Board Failure

Defective high-voltage inverters could also be the cause of the error code H97 on your Panasonic microwave.

The function of the inverter board is to turn standard home electricity into high voltage, which the Panasonic microwave uses to produce heat.

If this component fails, it may lead to faulty operation and could cause harm to other parts of your microwave.

Door Switch Problem

Many components of the Panasonic microwave are powered by door switches or interlock switches.  If you have problems with your interlock switch, you might notice the Panasonic microwave code H97.

Panasonic Control Board Fault

The Panasonic microwave’s control board could develop a fault that could cause many buttons to stop working. The control board is the brain that controls each component of your microwave. 

You will notice a few touchpads on the membrane switch. If there is a fault, the function of the applicant will be affected. With frequent use, the components that make up the touchpad could develop faults and you will notice the H97 error code 

High Voltage Capacitor Failure

The high-voltage capacitor could be faulty or broken. If this is the problem, you will notice that the Panasonic microwave won’t function properly when heating or cooking.

A faulty capacitor might show signs of physical damage which should make it easier to nice and fix. 

Panasonic Microwave H97 Code: How to Fix It

Fixing the Panasonic microwave error shouldn’t be tough and you won’t require a technician for any of these fixes. To get the microwave working again and clear the H97 error code, try any of the following fixes below.

Check the Magnetron Tube

If the H97 error code is due to overheating, it would be best to replace the magnetron tube. If the magnetron tube is damaged, consider a replacement.

To check the Magnetron Tube, follow the steps below

  • Before you get started, you need to drain the high-voltage capacitor by removing the cord from the power source. This prevents the possibility of an electric shock. 
  • After that, you need to connect the lead to the magnetron terminal using a multimeter to check for continuity.
  • If there is no continuity, the magnetron must be replaced.

Check the Interlock Switch for Fault

You can check if the interlock switch is functional or would have to be replaced. 

  • Before doing this, unplug your microwave first before removing the cabinet.
  • You will need to locate the interlock switch and check for continuity. 
  • Using a multimeter, look for continuity around the wires joining the interlock switches. When the actuator’s button is pressed, you’ll be able to see if the continuity test was successful.
  • If there is no continuity, then the interlock switch would have to be replaced. 

Check the Control Board

Inspect the control board panel for any signs of overheating or damage. A visual assessment of the control board should tell you if there are any physical signs of damage.

Fix the Loose Connection

This fix might require a technician but you can try to fix it on your own.  To fix this, you need to perform a physical examination.  Check for loose connections around the transformer’s internal connection, fuse, or power supply.

Ensure that your Panasonic microwave oven is turned off before you start this fix or touch any before touching any wires.

Check the Inverter Board For Faults

You need to check the connection of the inverter board to make sure there are no loose wires or connections. If there are loose wires, ensure they’re not oxidized. You will also need to change any loose wires. 

Ensure that the microwave is clean since dirt might cause it to overheat which could lead to an H97 code error.

Replace the Capacitor

If all other troubleshooting methods have failed, then you might want to check the high-voltage capacitor for fault. You can check the capacitor by continuity using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, it means that your high-voltage capacitor is damaged and has to be changed.

When Do You Call a Repairer?

With the troubleshooting tips above, you should be able to fix the Panasonic microwave H97 error code. However, these fixes might not work for everyone. If after trying to fix the problem on your own and you still find the H97 error, you might have to turn to a technician for help. Keep in mind that hiring a technician will cost you and you might have to also spend extra on any repairs. 


The Panasonic microwave code H97 occurs when there is an electrical fault with your microwave, however, it could also be caused by other problems. This guide should help you understand the causes of the H97 error code.

When you know the causes of the H97 error code, you should be able to apply the fixes and solve the problem. You might also want to save up for a technician if the troubleshooting tips fail.