Samsung Washer Code FL: Causes & How to Fix

If you find the Samsung washer FL error code on your display panel, this could mean that you’re dealing with a door lock malfunction. The FL error code indicates that the door cannot be locked after several attempts.

samsung washer code fl

If the door is not properly locked, the washer would not start the spin cycle leaving you stranded. Samsung washers come with a safety feature that prevents the Samsung washing machine from operating if any sensors or switches detect that the locks or seals in its interior are broken or not functioning properly.

When this problem is detected, the machine might automatically shut off. If you’re facing this problem with your Samsung washer, there are several reasons as to why it happens. As with the causes of the Samsung washer FL error code, there are a bunch of fixes to try and get your Samsung washer working again. We will get right to them in this guide. 

Samsung Washer Code FL: How Does It Happen?

The Samsung FL error code will come up for several reasons. You will find this error code on the display of your washer when you’re unable to lock the door. or after a wash cycle, the door refuses to open. This error code could also appear if the laundry door was not properly closed before you started a wash cycle. 

If you failed to insert the washing machine lid handle into its retaining clips when starting the wash cycle or the washing machine door lock failed to engage in its retaining notch on the washing machine door frame during the wash cycle, you will notice this error code on the display of the washer.

Overall, this error points to the complete malfunction of the door lock. It could be due to several parts which would need to be replaced. 

What Causes the Samsung Washer Code FL?

When the door lock malfunction happens, it could be due to any of the causes you will find below. You can also apply the fixes we’ve listed to get it working again.

Broken Door Latch

A broken door latch is another common reason for the Samsung washer FL error code. You should easily notice this if the machine doesn’t close properly. The door latches should be tough enough to last you through the lifetime of the washing machine, however, if you’ve not been maintaining the washer properly, then it could wear down faster. 

Bent Washer Door Hinge

A washer door hinge misalignment could be the cause of the FL error code. You can confirm that the door hinge is misaligned by taking a look at the washer door. There are usually four hinges on the washer, but you might find two or three in your model. You can check the model of your washer to know just how many door hinges you’re dealing with.

Faulty Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly

Samsung washers feature an innovative washer door lock that prevents the washer from starting when the door is open. This safety feature does come in handy to prevent water from spilling on the floor when the washer starts its spin cycle. it also protects you from getting your hands wet or touching any electrical parts during the wash cycle.

However, it could also be the cause of the faulty door lock error code. The FL code would indicate that there is a problem with the sensor of the door lock. This means that the door is fully functional, but the sensor is faulty so it could be sensing that the door lock is faulty when it is actually working. 

Samsung Washer Code FL: How to Fix It

Fixing a Samsung washer FL error code is very simple. Once you’ve figured out the cause of the problem, applying the right fix becomes very easy. You can try the following hacks to fix the FL error code on your machine.

Check the Door Motor and Switch Assembly

If the door motor and switch assembly are faulty, you would have to replace them. To check if the door motor and switch assembly are actually faulty, you will need a multimeter.

You can use the multimeter to check for continuity in the motor and switch assembly. If there is no continuity, then the switch would have to be replaced. However, if there is continuity, then you would have to check other parts of the Samsung washer. 

Fix the Washer Door Hinge

If the problem is due to a bent washer door hinge, you will need to replace the washer door hinge. This should solve the problem and get rid of the FL error code on the washer. When getting new replacement parts for the door hinges, you should only go for those that are the same exact size as the old ones on your Samsung washer model. 

Fix the Door Latch

If the Samsung washer FL error code persists after following all the troubleshooting steps, then you might have to check the door latch if it is broken or faulty. To fix the door latch, clean the latches as much as possible each time you open or close the Samsung washer. If the latches continue to wear down or break, then you will have to replace them with new latches.

When Do You Call a Repairer?

The FL error code indicates that there is a problem with the door of the washer. In most cases, you should be able to fix this problem and clear the error code using the tool you have at home. However, if you’re not that great with tech or none of these hacks actually work with your washer, then getting a technician to look at it would be the most reasonable step to take. 


The Samsung washer FL error code is not pretty common. In most cases, you would only notice this code if you’ve been using the washing machine for several years or if you are not properly maintaining the washer.

Whichever case it is, when the code appears on your washer’s display, you will have to identify the exact cause immediately. When you’ve determined the cause of the problem, you can apply any of these fixes to get clear the error code.