LG Tromm Washer OE Code: Causes & How to Fix

If your LG washing machine is displaying the OE error code, and you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s going on, you’re in the right place.

Luckily, the LG DE error code is not serious and it can be fixed with a few tweaks without having to pay for the services of a technician.

lg tromm washer oe code 

In this guide, we will dive into the main reasons why this error code DE comes up on your LG washing machine. We will also reveal the necessary steps to take to fix the fault. Let’s go straight into what the LG washer code DE indicates and how to fix it. 

LG Tromm Washer OE Code: How Does it Happen?

The LG washer OE error code will indicate that the washer is not draining properly or quickly enough. The washing machine is trying to drain, but the control panel is sensing that it cannot drain properly.

In most LG washing machines, the common causes of the OE error code are a faulty drain pump, a kinked or clogged drain hose, or a clogged pump filter.

Fortunately, this is not a difficult problem so the OE error code can be resolved quickly. 

What Causes the LG Tromm Washer OE Code?

The error code OE is usually caused by a problem with the drain of the washer. The fault could be drain pump, drain hose, or drain filter. Let’s get right to the main reasons why your LD washer is indicating an OE error. 

Blocked Filter

The LG washing machine is designed to stall the spin cycle until it is fully drained the water from the wash. This safety feature ensures that the machine works properly at all times. If your LG washing machine is draining very slowly or not at all, it is most likely due to a blockage somewhere in the drainage system which could be due to a blocked filter

Faulty Drain Pump

Another common draining issue could be due to a faulty drain pump, which is used to drive and drain the water out of the washer. When you run the washer and select a drain or spin cycle, try to listen if you hear the pump trying to empty the water. If you cannot hear the sound of the drain pump working, then it could be due to a drain pump fault.

Clogged, Kinked, or Blocked Drain Hose

If the LG washer will not drain, it could be due to a kinked, pinched, or obstructed drain hose. Another possibility is that the drain hose outlet has been submerged in water. If this happens it could restrict the washer’s draining ability. The problem could also be due to incorrect installation of the drain hose.

LG Tromm Washer OE Code: How to Fix

Fixing the LG washer code DE1 is super easy and would only take a few moments depending on the cause of the problem. Ensure you try all the hacks we’ve provided before reaching out to your local repairman. Below are the most effective fixes for your LG washing machine draining problem:

Check the Drain Hose

To check the drain hose, follow the steps below

  • Look for bends or kinks in the hose and ensure that the hose is connected properly.
  • Ensure that the drain hose outlet is not submerged in water and confirm that the expelled water from the drain hose can drain sufficiently.
  • If you just installed the washer via a spigot connection, check to confirm that the blanking cap has been removed from where the hose connects to the spigot.
  • If the drain hose is blockage, follow these steps to remove and unclog it. 
  • Remove the power cord from the wall outlet
  • Turn off the water supply to the washing machine.
  • Remove the drain hose from the washer machine. You might need pliers to release the clamps securing the drain hose to the washer.
  • Using a drain snake tool, unblock the drain hose. 
  • If the drain hose is defective and cannot be fixed, you will have to replace the drain hose. If you notice that the drain hose has holes or is worn, you will have to replace it.

Check the Drain Pump Filter

To inspect the drain pump filter, follow the steps below

  • Remove the power cord of the washer from the wall outlet
  • Take out the cover of the drain filter. The drain filter is located at the bottom of the washer.
  • Unplug the drain hose that is connected to it, and then unhook and remove the small plug from the drain hose. 
  • You will need a bucket or container to drain the water 
  • When the water has fully drained, twist the pump filter counterclockwise, remove it from the washing machine.
  • When removed, use hot soapy water to clean the filter and the drain pump housing.
  • When cleaned, return the parts back into the washing machine.
  • Turn the washing machine on to see if the problem is solved. 

Inspect the Drain Pump

The last fix to try is to check the drain pump for faults.  After this inspection, you can determine if the drain pump is faulty. If it is, it would have to be replaced.  It is best to leave this fix to the professionals to ensure they actually detect the problem with the washer. 

When Do You Call a Repairer?

Drainage issues in the LG Tromm Washer won’t always require the eyes of a professional. However, if you still notice that the OE error code is still displayed on the washer after you’ve applied all the fixes above, then you might want to consider getting a technician to inspect the parts of the washer. 


The LG Tromm Washer error OE code usually represents a drainage issue with the washer. Most times, this error code doesn’t indicate something serious. It could be a clogged pump filter, clogged pump, or clogged drain hose that needs to be cleaned. However, it is also due to a faulty drain pump. In this case, you will need a technician to access the washer.